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    “We are delighted we took the leap of faith to move from one of accountancy’s national players to Watsons. We knew exactly what we wanted, but weren’t getting, and from the moment they were appointed we got just what we needed - hands on, innovative help and support across the broad spectrum of management, accounting and taxation services including monthly and quarterly strategic advice from a dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals.”

     - Robert Barker, Finance Director

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    The client was at a particularly difficult time as two director-owners were considering taking a back seat in the running of the business. The business itself was suffering a fall in profitability and needed to refocus on its goals. The owners also needed to clarify their personal aims.

    Advice and support from their former advisers was either slow in coming or not energetically presented - a problem common to companies using a national accountancy firm becoming small fish in a big pond.

    Watson's Solution
    To tackle the issues with management, template an effective timetable of meetings and advice to ensure the right approach for achieving businesses goals - and then simply to do it!

    The client has restored its excellent profitability of two years earlier while the management team and owners are both fired up and working together as a team for what should be an exceptional new year. Goals have been clearly drawn up that are shared by all within the company, leading to the right action and positive results

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