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    ‘I believed our Management Accounts information was sufficient until I gave Watsons the opportunity to become involved in the monthly
    reporting. I now feel confident that we have a support network in place for our account’s team and I am able to review in detail the monthly figures with a friendly, skilled professional. Together we have been able to highlight areas of concern and have subsequently made the changes necessary, the benefits of which we are now seeing.’

    D Fowler, Director

    Client Industry
    Landscaping and fencing contractors



    The company has been running for many years. In general the accounting systems and management information was good but these had never been utilised fully. Historically the business has always been profitable.

    The profitability of the business had been suffering as a result of both internal and external factors. Focus had been lost and errors were beginning to be made as the business struggled to improve its profits.

    Watson's Solution
    Time was spent with the internal accounts team on a monthly basis, ensuring the management information was accurate and all issues addressed. Areas of focus were set, such as debtor recovery periods. Stock control was reviewed and improvements suggested. Meetings were then arranged with the managing director as part of the ongoing process to discuss results and focus on areas of concern.

    Now that the client has areas to focus on each month, improvements are being seen in cost control, efficiency of the business, moral and above all profits